• Community-based childcare centres

    Community-based childcare centres

    Building a better future for Malawi

  • Supporting young people to stay in education

    Supporting young people to stay in education

    Giving a brighter future

  • Supporting community development

    Supporting community development

    Making stronger communities

  • Mobile Health Clinics

    Mobile Health Clinics

    Taking health care to remote communities


We  are a small UK and Malawi-based charity supporting community-driven sustainable development projects in Malawi.  Our projects help vulnerable children, their families and communities.

Find out more about our latest appeal, and how a bowl of porridge helps over 1000 children receive early years education in Malawi. Visit our appeal page or donate here.

Our work is driven by the communities we work with and places children at the centre of development.  We believe that all children and their communities should have the resources and assistance to ensure that all children can grow and develop in their communities free of hunger and with access to education and basic health care.

Since we began in 1999, we have worked with communities near Blantyre to achieve the following:

  • Improved school facilities in primary and secondary schools by building classrooms, libraries and latrines
  • Set up 22 community-based childcare centres for children aged 2-6 years and continue to run 14 of these
  • Supported over 1800 young people to stay in secondary school education
  • Run regular mobile health clinics reaching 1500 children every year
  • Distributed emergency food aid and supported community rebuilding after flooding.