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We  support community-driven sustainable development projects in Malawi, helping HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable children and their families.   

Our work is driven by the communities we work with.  We recognise the importance of Early Childhood Development and believe that all children and their communities should have the resources and assistance to ensure that all children can grow and develop in their communities free of hunger and with access to education and basic health care.

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We are grateful for any donation you can make to help our work with poor communities in Malawi.  We are a small UK charity and keep our overheads and UK expenditure very low so that any donation goes to where it is most needed in Malawi.  Thank you


Our projects

Healthcare programmes


Find out more about our water and sanitation projects

Water projects

Find out more about our Income Generating Activities and other innovative schemes

Income Generation

Find out more about our feeding programmes

Feeding programmes

Find out more about our education projects

Education projects



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Joshua Orphan and Community Care, UK Registered Charity 1114727
Joshua Orphan and Community Support Group, Blantyre, Malawi Registerd Charity R.G. 20754/M/5.2005

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