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Giving a child the best start in life is vital.  Joshua supports early child development through a network of community-based child care centres in 10 villages.  These provide a range of activities for the under-fives from pre-school education, nutrition support to health care.

Child malnutrition is a major problem in Malawi.  Many children simply don’t get enough to eat. Our centres provide a daily nutritious meal for them.  Joshua began with the establishment of a single CBCC, for vulnerable children in Pensulo village, 10 Km from the city of Blantyre. Since Joshua was founded, we have helped construct 22 of these Centres and still run 14 in villages across the region.

Joshua aims to encourage rural communities to take part in development activities which will improve the lives of vulnerable groups, especially orphans. One of the central ways that Joshua initiates this is through its support of these centres. Joshua is now operating in 19 rural communities with 10 CBCCs, some of which have been built by our organisation. We help by supplying food, cooking equipment, seeds for crops, fruit trees, educational materials and training for the carers who work voluntarily.

In total, Joshua is helping close to 1000 children by ensuring that they have at least one nutritious meal each day and the opportunity for pre-school education and health care.

Current and recent projects

M’mera Mpoyamba (Planting the Seed):  This project, funded by UK Aid Direct, works with 5 CBCC in Chilaweni.   Three years of funding will provide nutrition, education and health care to 600 children aged 2-6 years. Digital learning for pre-school children:  We are working in partnership with Teach the World Foundation to use educational technology to improve literacy and maths skills in pre-school children. Maso CBCC:  Two teams of volunteers from Tonbridge Grammar School in Kent undertook a year of fundraising activities and completed a brand new CBCC that sits in between the Makwelani and Solobala Communities.  The building consists of two rooms and an adjacent kitchen facility and will help provide valuable nutrition, care and resources to both of these communities. New CBCC buildings in Daniel/Gwaladi and Ching’ombe:  Having a purpose built space makes a huge difference to the quality of the pre-school education that we can provide.  We can also provide a safer, more child-friendly environment by separating kitchen facilities and building new latrines.