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Communities should have the resources and support to ensure that children can grow and develop free of hunger and with access to education and basic healthcare.


To support community-driven sustainable development projects to assist orphans, vulnerable children, and their families in the rural and peri-urban Blantyre area.


JOCC adheres to the following values in all its activities:

Rights:  We believe that all children have the right to adequate education, health and nutrition.

Respect:  JOCC consults with the communities with which it engages, we respect their ideas and values and take these into account when making decisions. Our volunteer programme allows an exchange of values whilst respecting the diversity of each culture.

Responsibility: We ensure that donations and resources are administered appropriately, objectively and in the most effective manner. We ensure that our team acts with integrity in all aspects of our work.

Sustainability: We believe that all our programmes should be community-led, integrating all relevant local organisations and authorities, to achieve long-term meaningful impact.

Transparency: We believe that all our activities must be conducted in a transparent and honest manner. All our beneficiaries and partners have the right to seek information regarding the actions of JOCC in Malawi.

Co-operation: We promote a spirit of co-operation, building partnerships and alliances in the pursuit of development goals, avoiding duplication and forging innovative ways of working together.

Objectives and key activities

The salient aim of Joshua is to sustainably improve the poverty status of the communities in which we work. We believe the way that this can be achieved is three-fold:

1. Early Childhood Development: Improved health and nutrition status of children
Nutrition and health are the building blocks for holistic social development of young children. JOCC supports an integrated and multi-sectoral approach to ECD through service delivery of quality education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene. JOCC supports community-led centre-based care for children aged 2-5 in Blantyre District Malawi. Inputs include training of pre-school teachers; nutritional pre-school feeding; access to trained healthcare professionals; provision of healthcare infrastructure; access to clean water and sanitation; community gardens at pre-schools.

2. Improved access to high quality education:
JOCC’s approach to education is holistic – tackling issues at ECD level, through primary, secondary and into tertiary. JOCC supports primary education through targeted support to GoM primary schools and runs a sponsorship programme at secondary school level. JOCC works with selected primary and secondary schools to implement School Improvement Plans, supporting construction projects such as libraries, classroom blocks and latrines. JOCC also supports girls to remain in or return to school by supporting menstrual hygiene management projects (girl friendly latrines, making reusable sanitary pads and awareness raising), sponsorship for girls and young women, mentoring and career advice.

3. Sustainable community structures:

In order for the programmes of Joshua to have a lasting impact they must be supported with sustainable community owned structures and with people who have the capacity (human, financial and infrastructural) to utilise them efficiently and sustainably. JOCC fulfils this objective through Village Savings and Loans groups targeting CBCC communities, training programmes and infrastructure development projects. JOCC also supports rehabilitation of boreholes, provision of clean water and sanitation.