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Cathy’s story

Having struggled with my own disability, it pained me greatly to see these children left wandering around the village, being given no education and with nothing to do. That is why we have come together – 4 adults, who are ourselves living with disablities, to start a class for children with special needs who are not in school. We have 34 children on our register. We teach 8am to 3pm; reading, writing and basic maths but we have no materials, no desks, mats or toys. We also help with the children’s personal and social development. Thanks to Joshua, the children now get a meal of porridge each day but we desperately need school supplies to help in our work.

If you would like to help Cathy, her colleagues and these wonderful children, please consider making a regular donation.  Your support through a regular donation can help us make a long-term commitment to groups like Cathy’s to be with them every step of the way and help them succeed.