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Initial flood relief funds were spent on plastic sheeting which was delivered to all Joshua communities to be used to patch up houses temporarily – 577 Joshua community houses were destroyed or damaged by the floods.

Food parcels were made up and delivered to four communities identified as being the most needy.  These were particularly remote with poor access because of broken bridges and the number of damaged houses. One of these, Chilingani, was particularly difficult to access due to being very far from town and the usual access dirt road had become impassable after a bridge collapsed.  At Mwandika, families were forced to sleep at the CBCC because their houses had fallen down. 

We have also been looking at facilitating access to nails, timber and cement, in order to help affected households get back on their feet again.  Community rebuilding was supported through the provision of training in building stronger houses which took place at eight centres and enabled all communities to access the training given to local builders.  Each community has also been provided with a tool kit which can be borrowed to facilitate rebuilding with the hope that new houses will be better able to withstand any future flooding.