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Check out the videos on these pages to see Joshua’s work in action. If there’s anything missing which you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Our latest video, showing how our CBCC’s help support Early Child Development with a focus on nutrition and education.

Update from our flood relief work in 2015

Joshua’s Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCC’s)

Joshua began with the establishment of a single CBCC for vulnerable children in Pensulo village, 10 Km from the city of Blantyre. Since Joshua was founded, we have helped construct twenty of these centres and still run ten in communities across the region.

The Joshua Health Clinic

The construction of the Joshua clinic began in 2008. With local people working side by side with volunteers from the UK. The fantastic bunch of people involved included 45 Royal Bank of Scotland employees who not worked hard to complete the project from foundations to roof, but also helped raise over £60,000 to do so.

Joshua’s Maize Mill

The Joshua Maize Mill was completed in 2013 and means that the villagers no longer have to walk for over 10 kilometres to the nearest mill. In addition to employing four local people the mill generates a profit which is used to support orphans and old people who no longer have family members to take care of them.