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We urgently need funds to help support our communities. Can you help?

In January 2015, southern Malawi experienced devastating flooding that destroyed homes, washed away vital fertilisers and crops and took many lives.  Thanks to the generosity of Joshua’s supporters, we have been able to provide emergency shelter, food and hygiene packs, replant crops and rebuild stronger more resilient homes for some of the poorest and most vulnerable families

It’s now one year on and life in Malawi is getting harder by the day. The floods and subsequent drought meant a very weak harvest last year which has created huge food shortages – the long term effects of which are being felt across the country. The cost of repairing houses, planting new crops and buying fertiliser means there is very little money spare for school fees, health care and other household essentials.  Prices are soaring for essential items – maize flour prices have doubled in the last 6 months while fuel is now more expensive than in the UK. So far the drought has continued and it is likely this year’s harvest will be weaker than last year. The poorest and most vulnerable amongst people, orphans and vulnerable children, single mothers and elderly carers are struggling and need our help.

Joshua already has projects on the ground to reach those most in need. Our Community-Based Childcare Centres are feeding 1000+ children every day – a 40% rise in the last 12 months. For most of these children, this is the only meal they will have each day. Requests for secondary school sponsorship are also increasing as families have less money to pay for school fees and school resources.

The Help Malawi 2016 appeal will be used to support Joshua projects on the ground that address these issues every day. Increased demand for essential services means we are struggling to cope with current funding levels – can you help boost our funds so that we can meet the growing needs of these poor communities?

Here’s how to support the Help Malawi 2016 appeal.

Visit our Virgin Money Giving appeal page

Help Malawi 2016
If you’re interested in making a regular donation, then visit our dedicated page on Virgin Money Giving  or our website page on how to make a regular donation


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