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At Joshua, we are focusing on giving children the best start in life by ensuring they have access to nutrition, health care and education.  We currently work across 14 CBCCs (Community Based Care Centres), delivering a high nutrition meal once a day and providing play based learning to stimulate young minds and set them up for the best start at school.

All of this would be impossible without our 140 amazing caregivers who give up their time because they also believe in supporting their local communities and children.   This typically involves preparing the likuni phala (fortified porridge), serving this to the children, and engaging in pre-school education, games and activities.  A caregiver typically receives the equivalent of £5 a month to help with expenses and recognition of their contribution.

Many caregivers haven’t had much access to the education to learn the skills required to teach young children – qualifications are expensive in Malawi and by funding training we are able to fully acknowledge their incredible hard work and see that they get something in return too – qualifications, opportunities and income.

By sponsoring a caregiver you can have a huge impact – not just to the individual, but also to the communities that they support.

By donating £5 or £10 per month, you can help our caregivers in the following ways:

  • Help provide a small income to ensure they can afford the basic necessities to support their families.
  • Provide training so that they gain the skills and knowledge necessary to educate the children in an informed and appropriate fashion and learn how to make and use stimulating resources to support this.
  • Help them gain a qualification so that they have access to greater employment opportunities and increased financial security.

Caregivers create a positive ripple effect throughout the community as they impact on so many young lives – through supporting a caregiver you are supporting more than one individual.  You are also helping provide improved healthcare, nutrition and education to the 1000 children who attend our centres.

Thank you for your support.

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