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The spread of Covid 19 has become a global pandemic. We wanted to share this report from Sue Cabon, Joshua’s Country Manager, on what the current situation is like in Malawi, and the preparations and support which the Joshua team are providing for the communities with which we work.

“Dear Joshua UK,

At this moment, life in Malawi is a little unusual.  At the time of writing, we have had no confirmed cases of Covid 19. I believe we are one of only eight remaining countries in Africa to be in this position.  However, the country has been declared a State of Disaster by the Government in preparation for an outbreak.  Like many other countries, schools are closed, gatherings should be no more than 100 people and few foreigners are allowed to enter the country.

Although some of the specific projects that you generously support with us are not running in the usual way, as we also need to protect our own field staff, it is vital that our under six children continue to be well fed and healthy, and that communities have a proper understanding about Covid 19 including how best to protect and prevent this virus escalating across the country.  At the moment, our team of incredible Field Officers are visiting every centre to conduct training sessions on hand washing and sanitation.  These sessions will be attended by caregivers, centre management committees and chiefs who will be asked to cascade the information across their communities.  Leaflets about the virus will be distributed in the local language.   Extra buckets and soap need to be provided and extra supplies will need to be purchased for later distribution.

We are distributing Likuni Phala (highly nutritious porridge) in ‘take home’ packs.  Each centre will mobilize community members at different times and field officers will be on hand to ensure the fortified porridge is fairly distributed.

Those of you who know about Malawi will know it has very inadequate health service provision.  Should this virus come to Malawi in a big way, many people will be in desperate need of help in so many forms.  We are preparing for the worst but we are hoping for the best.  We are committed to doing everything we can to keep supporting the vulnerable communities we work.

With best wishes to you all,

Sue, Joe and the Malawi Joshua team.”