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In 2015, southern Malawi was badly affected by torrential and devastating flooding as a result of a cyclone.  This was declared a national disaster by the government in Malawi.  The heavy rain and floods swept away crops, destroyed homes and cost many people their lives.

Joshua was involved in the emergency response.  Thanks to generosity of our supporters, we were able to provide emergency shelters and food packages in the few weeks immediately after the floods  Our response was long-term though; we helped vulnerable families build new and stronger homes, and supported crop replanting. 


beatrice adamMeet Beatrice – she was one of those who desperately needed a new home.

She is a 66 year old widowed grandmother living in Solobala village in Chilaweni.  It’s not uncommon to find grandparents, particularly grandmothers, who are supporting large families of children and grandchildren. Beatrice was supporting 9 people, including 4 orphaned grandchildren and another seriously ill daughter, when her house fell down and they were left without shelter. 8 of them took refuge in an outhouse.  We were able to build Beatrice and her family a new house, ensuring that Beatrice, her children and grandchildren have somewhere secure to live in the years ahead.



Our blog posts from 2015 show the impact of the floods on people’s lives and how Joshua helped in the aftermath.  Click on the link to read more.

‘Thank God I had already escaped when the house collapsed’

Getting help to flood victims in Mwandika

Your donations in action – Malawi floods


This short film explains how we helped and how we put your donations to good use.