A lack of access to quality education is a huge problem in Malawi. Many children have to walk for up to two hours to reach the closest school, thousands don’t complete their primary education, let alone secondary and without an education they struggle to break out of the cycle of poverty.

We believe that every child has the right to an education and we currently work with 9 primary schools and 28 secondary schools in Blantyre rural.

After we established our pre-school and primary programme, we became very aware of the lack of secondary education in Pensulo. Primary school education is free in Malawi, but secondary education is not. As a result thousands of young people are denied an education, and this keeps them trapped in poverty.

With the support of the local community, we decided to fund the construction of the first ever Secondary School in Pensulo.  The Joshua Secondary School (JOSS) was founded in 1999 and with demand has grown over the years. It now consists of two classes for each form (1-4) and has an enrolment of over 600 students.  The school was successfully transferred to government control in 2016.

Our sponsorship programme, the Sukulu Project, specifically supports children and young people, enabling them to develop their talents and abilities to the full and get the education they deserve.   We pay their school fees for them, and help buy uniform and school books. Where possible we also support some of our most promising students through further education.


Joshua Orphan and Community Care, UK Registered Charity 1114727
Joshua Orphan and Community Support Group, Blantyre, Malawi Registerd Charity R.G. 20754/M/5.2005

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