Joshua Orphan and Community Care are grateful for the backing of numerous Trusts and Foundations who provide vital support for our life changing work.

We are always interested in hearing from new groups interested in our work, so if you are a Trustee looking to make a big difference to a small charity then please get in touch with Heather Deaville on 01273 275713 or e-mail [email protected] to find out more about our work.

Current projects in need of funding include:

Sukulu ProjectThe Sukulu Project

Every day in Malawi, thousands of children are unable to attend school, not because they do not want to, but because poverty prevents them from so doing. For those who are fortunate Secondary School is a dream come true. However, the reality is that most children in Malawi do not complete Primary School, let alone receive a secondary education. This is due to poverty. The battle for food, shelter and clothing comes first for over a million orphans who struggle to survive day by day in Malawi, leaving education at the bottom of the agenda.

In order to break this cycle of poverty, Joshua Orphan and Community Care established the Joshua Secondary School in 1999. With over 600 students it works on two levels, students who can afford to pay fees do so and those who cannot are assessed and given a full scholarship. Fees are kept deliberately lower than comparable schools and all funds are invested into providing more resources; this has created an excellent teaching environment and extremely good exam results.

Of the current intake of students 100 are children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Joshua runs a sponsorship programme for these children. By providing free secondary education for those most in need, Joshua is helping to break the cycle of poverty and is creating a brighter future for the most vulnerable.

Who this project is helping

Abrahim PhiriAbrahim Phiri passed his Junior Certificate of Education last year thanks to Trust support and is now continuing his studies in form 3. He is a shy boy, the youngest in a family of five, neither of his parents earn enough to pay his school fees. In Malawi many jobs pay as little as 6,000 Kwatcha, which is under £10 a month, and with seven mouths to feed you can understand how hard it is to survive. In 2011 Abrahim was chased away from school because he could not pay his fees. But the Head Teacher told him about Joshua’s sponsorship programme and thanks support from UK Trusts we were able to get him back in school in 2012.

Home isn’t an easy place for Abrahim, some days the family don’t have enough to eat and he walks to 30 minutes to school hungry, a hunger which doesn’t abate. This makes it harder for Abrahim to focus in class, but he is a determined young man, his favourite subjects are Physical Science, Biology and History and he hopes one day to be a policeman.

“When I was not being sponsored I was worried about finding money for my school fees and was concerned about my future. Thank you for everything you have done for me. God bless you.”

Asembule Holo Project

Hall siteThe Joshua Secondary School has been operating without an assembly hall for the last fifteen years; as a result, they have been using a playing field for weekly assemblies (pictured). This becomes difficult during the summer and impossible in the rainy season.

Having no assembly hall is a major problem during the national examination period for the Junior Certificate of Education (Form 2) and the Malawi School Certificate of Education (Form 4 leaving certificate). To comply with the recommended seating plan during exams all the classrooms at the secondary school are used for examinations. As a result, all other classes end up being taught in the playing field or, when possible, at a nearby primary school in rented classrooms. The primary school set-up is far from ideal, as students and teachers cannot access the science laboratory or the library.

With no assembly hall to hold the examinations, students perform poorly during the examination term and there is a drop in both attendance and grades.

In order to provide our students with the best possible learning environment we urgently need to build an assembly hall where exams can be held, along with other school events. Building an assembly hall at the Joshua Secondary School will:

1. Support and enhance the school’s curriculum by playing a vital role in the structure of school life for years to come.
2. Ensure that we can provide a high standard of teaching all year round, which will help students achieve academic excellence.
3. Improve learning for all years by freeing up classrooms during exam time.
4. Provide the school with an extra income stream, by hiring the hall out to the local community at the weekends and in the evenings, thus helping to maintain its long term sustainability.

Find out more

To find out more about these and other projects and how your Trust or Foundation can make a difference please contact Heather Deaville on 01273 275713 or [email protected]



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