Invaluable gift for Mercy and Promise

Mercy and PromiseMercy Gabriel is 45 years old and completely blind. Since her house collapsed as a result of the heavy rains and flooding in January she and her four year old daughter Promise have sought refuge in a classroom at Chibwana Primary School. When she first went to the school she was sheltering with two young daughters, tragically Promise’s sister passed away in February after being admitted to Queens Central Hospital with severe malnourishment.

Worryingly Promise is also showing signs of poor health as the family survive on the generosity of well-wishers, whom post flooding are struggling to have enough food to feed their own families.

In Malawi 1 in 8 children die before their fifth birthday. Mothers like mercy and her daughters are the human face behind such devastating statistics.

Thanks to a donation of 143 relief parcels from the Gift of the Givers, Mercy and Promise now have food and blankets to keep them feed and warm through the chilly nights spent on the classroom floor in rural Blantyre.Gift of Givers 5

With their immediate needs having been met Joshua can focus on working towards their longer term stability and that of other families who have found themselves in a similar situation.

We have already taken huge steps towards our aim of increase long term food security by distributing nutritious and regenerative cassava seedlings and sweet potato vines to over 1,100 farming families.

And our plans to assist with the building of at least 150 strong, more weather proof homes has had a recent boost thanks to a Gift of Givers 4£1,500 donation from the Friends of Malawi Association. These homes will protect the most vulnerable families, like Mercy and Promise in the years ahead.

Thank you to the Gift of the Givers, the Friends of Malawi Association and everyone who has donated time, money and goods to our Emergency Flood Appeal – we couldn’t reach people like Mercy and Promise without you.

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