Helping two young sisters

Mayina Biton 414 year old Mayina Biton (pictured) and her 8 year old sister Malita were abandoned by their mother when she remarried. Left to cope on their own the girls were extremely vulnerable and when the heavy rains began, their simple home, made of mud bricks with a thatched roof and no cement floor stood little chance of surviving the onslaught.

First two of the walls were damaged and as the heavy rains continued they collapsed. The girls lost not only their home but also the majority of their belongings, including plates, cups, chairs, blankets and their already small supply of food.

The girls are currently living at Mitsidi camp with 70 + other families, in a tent provided by the Red Cross.

Mayina Biton HomeThanks to your donations to our Emergency Appeal we have been able to supply them with blankets, soap, lukini phala (fortified porridge), maize, salt, a bucket for washing and plastic sheeting to protect what remains of their home.

The girls face an uncertain future, but your donations have helped lift some of the burden Mayina carries as the head of the household, making an extremely vulnerable young girls life much easier. Joshua’s team in Malawi, will keep in contact with the girls to ensure their long term safety and security.

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