Helping flood victims at Mitsidi Camp

Hygiene session at Mitsidi72 families are living in tents provided by the Red Cross at Mitsidi School. Joshua has been acting as a camp co-ordinator there for the last two weeks, which has included organising essential disease prevention hygiene workshops, supplying plastic sheeting to those who are able to live in their rain damaged homes, giving out blankets to those who need them and advocating on behalf of the camp families.

Thanks to your donations we are supporting these families by constructing a new toilet and a shower block. We have also conducted two hygiene workshops with members of the camp, and the school children. Teaching the school children about hygiene is an added bonus as before these sessions they had never see soap at school before and now it’s everywhere.

These training sessions are vital as one of the biggest killers after a natural disaster like this, are diseases such a cholera, spreading as a result of poor hygiene.

Hygiene session MitsidiThese sessions were run by the Hygiene Village Project, supported by the District Council with two medical staff from the Joshua Clinic in Pensulo. They are based on a system called Community Led Total Sanitation, which teaches people how poor hygiene makes them sick, whilst enabling them to recognise the conditions they are living in and empowering them to make the necessary changes themselves. The sessions were brilliant and as a result the camp now has tippy-taps hand washing stations, there has been a reduction in open defecation and we have further supplemented this programme by providing each family with soap.

Mary’s Meals have also been persuaded by Joshua to continue the feeding programme they started at the camp. Cooked on site by camp members this has eLukini Phala cooking at Mitsidinsured that everyone gets at least one hot nutritious meal of Lukini Phala a day and most families are cooking their own Nsima at night.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our emergency appeal – we wouldn’t have been able to mobilise to help people so quickly without your incredible support.

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