Food shortages in Malawi

As expected the harvest following the January floods last year was poor and drought has made the situation much worse. Many families didn’t harvest enough to keep themselves fed through the non-productive season. When we did our household assessments for our school sponsorship project in 2015, we found many families who had a failed harvest and were really struggling to find enough food for meals.

In January 2016, Joshua distributed emergency food parcels to needy families using the last funds from our 2015 emergency appeal. Families received a supply of maize and cooking oil to help them in the short-term. Those receiving the food supplements included 150 families where a child receives student sponsorship via Joshua and 100 households where the head of the house is an elderly carer. Some of our 125 caregivers who volunteer in childcare centres and come from particularly vulnerable households (such as single mothers) also received food packages. In total, 500 vulnerable households in 6 areas ,Solomoni, Zinganuwo, Pensulo, Malunga, Mpagja and Chiimile, received food support. Joshua was able to reach nearly 2500 adults and children through this outreach.

fooddistributionjan 15

Joshua has launched a new appeal ‘Help Malawi 2016’ to help our projects cope with the food crisis in the country. We have the projects already there – our childcare centres are feeding over 1000 children every day.   What we – and these affected communities – need now is some extra help. Donate here.

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