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Every year groups of volunteers visit Joshua to work on some of our projects, facilitated by Inspire Worldwide (www.inspire-worldwide.com).  Hurstpierpoint College have been coming for many years to work at Chilangani to develop the Primary School there.  This time, they worked at Solomoni where they built some latrines and painted some of the classrooms.  In spite of the dire African winter weather, they had a good time and the community loved their visit.  Two groups from Tonbridge Grammar School visited in July to help build a new community-based childcare centre at Maso (pictured), which is one of the centres receiving DFID funding. We truly appreciate our volunteers: their support and hard work is invaluable, and the communities really enjoy their visits. Both groups have carried out some amazing fundraising over several years with Hurstpierpoint College raising over £35,000 since 2010 and Tonbridge Grammar raising over £21,000 fo their 2018 visit alone.  We owe all our school groups a huge ‘Zikomo Kwambili’ for everything they have achieved.