300 families given plastic sheeting thanks to your donations

Plastic SheetingHow the funds from the Emergency Appeal have been spent so far:

Plastic Sheeting: 300 families have been given plastic sheeting to make their damaged homes watertight during the continuing heavy rains. 90% of this sheeting was distributed between the 12th of January and the 6th of February at a cost of around £1,500.

Health and Hygiene: We have continued to advocate on behalf of the families at Mitsidi Camp – Five new tents have been erected and we are pleased with the collaborations we have had on this project with the Red Cross and Mary’s Meals.

Health and Hygiene: Following on from the Hygiene Workshops at Mitsidi Camp we are delighted that there hasn’t been an outbreak of Cholera, which has happened at other camps across the region as a result of poor hygiene.

Smiling ThroughSeeds: There has been good news and bad news on this front. In the communities we support the majority of people haven’t lost their maize crops, so we do not need to supply them with more seeds. However the bad news is that the fertiliser has been washed away and due to the growth cycle being disturbed by the extreme weather it is likely that the surviving crops will have a low yield.

Food: The UN World Food Programmes has said that it urgently needs £12m to continue food assistance to those hit by the torrential rains and flooding.

Food: We need to wait until the rains stop and the land dries out before we can help those who have lost their homes rebuild. So we are focusing our efforts on ensuring long term food security for the communities we support.

Seeds: The Ministry for Agriculture has recommended that in order to avoid a food crisis people should plant sweet potato vines and cassava cuttings. Our team have been working with the District Agriculture Office to train and help people prepare for planting these new crops and they will be distributed this week on Thursday (26th Feb) and Friday (27th Feb). We have purchased the seeds needed thanks to your donations at a cost of just over £7,500.

None of this would have been possible without your incredibly generous support for our Malawi Flood Appeal, thank you so much for your donations and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, [email protected]

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