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Trucks carrying the sweet potato vinesA month and a half on from the extreme rains which devastated over 200,000 lives and livelihoods in Malawi, Joshua is working hard to avert a long term food crisis by distributing sweet potato vines and cassava cuttings to over 1,100 families.

42% of young children in Malawi are chronically undernourished. Joshua has always had the health and wellbeing of Malawi’s most vulnerable at the heart of its work which is why we are using your donations to our Emergency Appeal in order to prevent a potential food crisis in the communities we support.

On the recommendation of the Ministry for Agriculture, we have given local communities training on how to prepare their land for and grow these crops in order to supplement their regular maize crop.

Sweet potato vine distributionInitially we were worried that entire maize crops would have been washed away, but some have survived. Unfortunately because of the interruption to their growth cycle it is expected that people with surviving crops will harvest very little.

The sweet potato vines will be harvestable in three months and the cassava in six. We are hopeful that with so many vulnerable families reached between 5,000 and 8,000 children and adults will not go hungry this year as a result of the flooding.

Each family were given 5 bundles of sweet potato vines and/or four bundles of cassava (each bundle containing around 50 sticks.

Cassave distributionAdditionally the communities have been advised on how best to keep the seed after harvest for replanting next season. Any extra seed they have they will also be encouraged to pass on through local agricultural clubs run by agricultural officers.

The team in Malawi have faced many challenges in getting these supplies out to the most vulnerable – more rain making roads unpassable and heavily laden trucks getting stuck. But despite this they have once again risen to the challenge, and thanks to your support been able to reach the most vulnerable people with the live saving support they need at this time.

Thank you.

Cassava being taken home for planting    Heading home to plant the sweet potato vines

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