Lucia’s story

I was born in Solomoni village but only attended primary school as I became pregnant and got married. I feel very sad I didn’t get to finish school as I really loved it. After I had six children, my husband died and I was left to bring them up alone. I survive by selling sticks and getting money for carrying water. Joshua has helped me with feeding and schooling the youngest of my children. They have also helped my older children with sponsorship, and better school facilities. My eldest is very happy with the Joshua Menstrual Hygiene programme as she knows how to look after herself better and teaching girls to make pads really helps.

Life is a constant struggle for me but sometimes people, like those in Joshua, help me and make it a little bit more bearable.



Joshua supports many families like Lucia’s.  Sadly, their situation is not unique and other families face similar struggles.  Helping them with education means they can start to break the cycle of poverty.  To do more of this work, we need your help.  A regular donation means we can commit to helping other families like Lucia and her children.   Sign up by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page and choose regular donation. 






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