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I come from a family of eight and our grandparents also live with us in a small compound. My parents have no regular work and we depend on the little money they earn from irregular day work for the one meal a day we can manage.

At secondary school, I love English and Biology and I dream of becoming a nurse. JOSHUA has provided me with my school fees, uniform and shoes, without which I wouldn’t be able to attend. I am so grateful that I am able to go to school as most girls I know don’t go and instead end up married at fifteen. I don’t want to get married until after I finish my studies.

Joshua has always sponsored students like Annie, up to 350 a year, but in 2018, and without your continued support, this number will start to fall. If you want Annie and girls like her to get an education rather than end up married and pregnant at 15, please consider supporting us with a monthly donation.  To donate, visit Virgin Money Giving and choose regular donation.  Thank you.



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