Boniface’s story   


I was working in the fields when I hit my foot with a hoe. I went to the main hospital for treatment and was sent home to wait for a skin graft. At the time the hospital had no dressings to give me. I heard about the Joshua Mobile Clinic as they had previously treated my son.

Jeanie took very good care of me and bandaged my leg every second day; she sent more bandages to my wife and showed her how to use them. She also gave me Ibuprofen for the pain.

Without the support of Jeanie, I could have lost this foot, but now I am back working. I see Jeanie every year and we always smile to each other.


Our mobile health clinics provide a vital frontline service and help families like Boniface’s cope with injury and ill health.  To do more of this work and help families in Malawi have a healthier and more prosperous future, we need your help.  A regular donation means our mobile health clinic can help more people like Boniface.   Sign up by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page and choose regular donation.  



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