The Team in Malawi

SylviaSylvia Avgherinos – Chief Executive

Sylvia has lived and worked in Malawi for the past twenty years and is now a permanent resident in the country. Sylvia got involved with Joshua when she was working as a teacher in Blantyre and has since become the charities most invaluable team member. Her leadership, vision, determination and patience ensure that Joshua’s helps those who need it most.


Chimwemwe Fabiano – Programme Manager

Chimwemwe currently runs the office on a day to day basis. Her role includes managing the field officers, overseeing finances and implimenting programmes. She works tirelessly and since coming into Joshua as a volunteer in 2013 has shown herself to be an invaluable asset.

WinnieWinnie Kapamalula – Founder and Joshua Trustee 

Winnie has lived in Pensulo Village all of her life, and was closely involved in founding Joshua back in 1998. Since then Joshua has developed and grown far beyond its original plans but, as a highly valued member of Joshua, Winnie is still enthusiastically involved in all of our projects.

Our Field Officers

StevieStevie Chigabula

Stevie has been working with Joshua since 2004, he looks after three different feeding centres, Mokolo, Kasinje and Chimwemwe and the communities around these centres. He also helps

Ian Kwalira

– Looking after Milo centre

Our Team in the UK

Heather DeavilleHeather Deaville

Heather has been with Joshua for over four years now and works part-time as our fundraiser, social media guru and all round go to gal. Her passion and hard work have seen her develop our school sponsorship programme which now supports over 150 students every year.


Jess Beagent

Having worked on Joshua projects in Malawi for many years, Jess is now our UK co-ordinator. Working just one day a week Jess liaising with the team in Malawi and the Trustees in the UK on everything from leaflets and flyers to volunteer itinerary’s. She is a vital link between the continents and we’d be lost without her.

Our Trustees in the UK

KensaKensa Cooper 

Kensa works as programme manager for a social enterprise which links groups from the UK with overseas charity partners. She first encountered Joshua in Malawi in 2008 when she ran a project for a team of gap year students who built a feeding centre. She returned in 2010/11 as Malawi Co-ordinator helping Joshua to set up a new structure in Malawi.  After returning to the UK, she couldn’t face parting with Joshua and joined the board of UK trustees.

Berry Butler (Donations secretary)

When Sylvia Avgherinos started supporting Joshua over a decade ago and needed a centralised UK address for donations, Berry (a schools fundraiser) and her husband, Chris, were pleased to become involved.  A subsequent visit to Malawi has confirmed it was the right decision!

BethBeth Chapman

Beth first visited the Joshua projects in 2005 and since then has worked with the charity in the UK as a trustee and in Malawi for short periods of time, sending out and managing volunteer teams to work with Sylvia, her staff and communities.


SarahSarah Charlton (Volunteer co-ordinator)

Sarah has led volunteer projects with Joshua since 2009 and spends as much time in Malawi as her job as a teacher allows.  She became a trustee to have an excuse to keep going back to visit the fantastic Joshua people and projects.



GemmaGemma Sykes (Secretary) 

With a background in voluntary sector governance, Gemma now works at UK Sport, helping to ensure that the governing bodies of Olympic and Paralympic sports have world class governance standards in place to match their world class performance. Gemma first became involved in Joshua when she took part in a volunteering trip with us in 2010, helping to build a kitchen block for a feeding centre.  Keen to continue to work with Joshua and to contribute to the fantastic work it does, Gemma first volunteered on a fundraising committee, going on to become a trustee in early 2013.

David and MarjorieDavid and Marjorie Pearson





Laura Hussell (Treasurer)

Laura has been involved with Joshua since April 2014.  Laura is a qualified accountant and was keen to get involved with Joshua to put her accountancy skills to use outside everyday work.



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